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Order -210 dated 12.07.1997, of the "Railway infrastructure" Director, according to it the firm got a qualification for practice of the activity called benchmarking by railway road benchmarking.

Order 300-2-64 dated 12.02.2002, of the Executive director of Cadastre agency, the firm got a qualification for activities connected to the Bulgarian cadastre.

The company is a member of

Bulgarian association of consultancy firms in the railway construction (a foundation member)

Specialists from the railway section of the firm are members of the National Corporation of the railway engineers.

Certification 379 dated 01.10.2001, for entering in the Register of small and medial enterprises - a micro enterprise.


Designs for new, as well as designs for repair of existing railway lines and stations.

Benchmarking of railway lines, stations and their adjoining structures.

Design of roads, Road structures and urban communications. Rehabilitation of road projects.

Designs for strengthening of weak points and landslips in the road and railway infrastructure.

Preparation of designs and construction of draining structures.

Geodesic service in the sphere of low and high-rise building. Engineering geodesy.

Complex geodesic tasks.

Computer processing and CAD systems. Digital models.

Education of cadres, specialists..

Preparation of tender documents.

Delivery of railway construction materials.

Consultancy activity.  

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